Sunday, 11 May 2008


Anime Nodame doesn't have to stay a hikikomori anymore - Europe here she comes!

Hell YEA, finally a sequel this year I can actually look forward to!

Of course being away for 'just' a day from the blogosphere naturally makes me reporting the news of a

rather late, but what the heck s'not like I have much else to blog about currently.

Makes me wish I tried for that overpriced Nodame phonestrap gachapon the other day... Oh wells.


Nagato said...

I HAVE ONE OF THOSE!!! I got it in Taiwan this past winter. It's the Chiaki one. xDD

I kind of wanted the Nodame mongoose one though. They had mongoose pouches too. I wish I'd gotten that too. Now that I think about it, why the heck didn't I? ._.

issa-sa said...

Curse my own stinginess! *goes out with a fistful of 100yen coins to find one of those gachapon machines*

Shin said...

I wasn't able to locate a single Nodame related merchandise in Akiba other than the manga ):

issa-sa said...

shin: Well I'll trade you one for... a Mizuki Nana Live Formula DVD... Or a ticket to this year's Animelo :P