Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Toshokan Sensou 4 : Yes, we know it's unbelievable, so what?

The face of regret. (Hah! In your face! Look down on Kasahara will you!)

I wish I could say that I've been slacking on my anime watching/blogging these past few days because I've been out spending a superbly fun Golden Week holiday doing embarassingly gaijin-like things in overcrowded tourist spots... Only the furthest I've been to is a few blocks away for nabe at a senpai's place and the internet connection in the university's been rather foul to me the past few days so, yea, that's my lame excuse. Now onto the post!

As usual, actual summary at THAT, this time though, subs from Ocha!

The leg that pierced the heavens!!! *ducks rotten tomatoes for a joke that's so last year*

I think the major complaint about belief suspension required when watching Toshokan Sensou needs to be stopped. Yes we get it, the Media Communists, armed library forces, Hino's Massacre are all 'WTF' plot points. Yet the same people who point this out are the same people who actively enjoy this show - which really proves that it's that awesome! Or in slightly more pretentiously intelligent terms, the core unbelievability of the premise still manages to support a highly enjoyable story and still highlights more relatable themes (media censorship, war is bad, etch) - and isn't that what makes a good anime good? Also despite the media war being SRS BSNS as treated in the show, the show still manages to maintain a whimsical side to the whole deal - and finds a good balance between the two. Why, the show even has Komaki sniggering in the background of most scenes to represent both the cynical side of the viewer's mind that may still be rejecting the viability of the premise and the side that still thinks it's still a heck lot of fun to watch (Okay, so he's mostly sniggering at Kasahara and Doujou's antics, but aren't we all :P)

Anyways, enough of the SRS talk, on to screenshots and lame one-liners (so not ripping off blissmo and Nagato here :P)


Was it just me, or did Kasahara (or rather Inoue Marina) channel a lot of Kana this episode? :P I almost took her restaurant message for Shibasaki for real thinking that it was so KANA of her to say something like that XD (If there's one thing I managed thanks to the lack of a stable internet connection these past few days - past 10 o clock anyways - it's that I've finally started to catch up with most of my Winter Season watchlist that I stockpiled but strangely neglected once this new season began)

Hataraki Man - brought to you by Tanaka Rie

SHINKU (Hey, give Shibasaki some love too :P)

A bishie?? In my Library War?? How dare they... (Looking like Sagara there, Doujou)

Tis the season for more BL jokes...

Btw, the way they managed to perfectly execute the rescue scene somehow made me think of those airplane safety instruction demos that the stewardesses have to do, lol. Nice to see a job well done by the Task Force anyhow and Kasahara redeeming herself without resorting to being as flashy as I hoped expected (Brains > Brawn :P). What was flashy of course, was Genda's BUTT OUT COPS, WE'RE BUYING THE DAMNED LAND FOR THE POWER moment, but he does point out it's strategic merits: they can always build a new library there after the operation - and as anyone who's played Monopoly before knows, the more hotels libraries you have, the better!

Don't you just love it after an already awesome episode they end things off with something that just promises something interesting in the next one? Can't wait for this week's episode *coughsmore KasaharaXDoujoumomentscoughs* =P


blissmo said...

Yes, I definitely enjoyed the ending! Sadly, I couldn't do what I did for episode 2 since my photoshop stuffed up *sob sob*

Nagato said...

Hehe, I think we've all learned that we should just throw aside logical reasoning, since the script is executed rather well. ^^
I didn't know Kasahara shared KANA's seiyuu!
And omgsh a trackback! *dies of happiness*
Btw I added you to blogroll :D

lanie-emon said...

TS is definitely becoming one of my fav series.