Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Junjou Romantica 4 and the Highly InAppropriate Subs

Uh-oh... Usagi's been watching Higurashi!

Thanks to aarinfantasy, I can now shut off one more part of my brain whenever I watch Junjou Romantica (you know, the part that has to translate cheesy dialogue), I can just sit back in some hazy stupor and watch the subtitles do all the talking (plus it eliminates me having to think of captions for screenshots, not that I'm stopping :P):

Hmm, doesn't that remind you of somebody else, Misaki?

Still can't believe that that was the 'first' (near enough) thing everyone else saw of you...
(well, not like we could see anything in the first place)

The next few ones speak for themselves (Got to hand it to aarinfantasy here XD):

AKA 'subtext'

Err, am I the only one thinking Kamichama Karin?

(I don't remember her looking so alien in the rest of the episode, oddly enough, besides the BRIGHT red lipstick anyways. Women in BL always seem designed to have hate lumped on them by the indignant fangirls anyways)

About the episode itself... You know, I can hardly remember anything despite having just watched it since everything that happened seemed to have been taken out of the yaoi plot device checklist or something - obligatory fits of jealousy and "Why am I thinking of you so much" blah blah blah cheese blah blah blah "Don't touch me!" blah blah blah "Touch me!" blah blah blah "I think of you all the time too!" blah blah blah Buttsecks blah blah - oh, that's it?

I think the second couple was more watchable (and is apparently the 'best' of the three). Maybe I actually have to turn on my brain once in a while when I watch the next episode. But since it's still currently in 'off mode' right now, I think I'll go watch some Kamen no Mad Guy now...


haado gei said...

And to think the subbers snubbed this awesome series a while back.

Caitlin said...

I'm still a little confused on this series...is it actually yaoi or just something borderline?

issa-sa said...

Well, aarinfantasy always subs anything with rampant guy on guy action so it was about time anyways :P It just so happened JR got so much attention ("a 24 episode BL fest?? Step aside Kyou Kara Maou!") that the subs took a while to catch up to us feisty bloggers XD

As for the BL-ness rating of this series, I'd say it's really quite PAST borderline, but due to it being aired on TV, the 'handy' blackout censors 'soften' the hardcore-ness of it all - a shoddy excuse to increase DVD sales of course :P