Wednesday, 20 February 2008

5 OoFuri Good Videos (Urgh, bad pun...)

1) Obligatory LuckyStar Motekke Sailor Fuku parody. (Caution: criminally disturbingly slim legs involved)

2) More Furi☆Star (Nekomimi mode warning, lol)

3) Baccano + OoFuri. Perhaps if Mihashi and Tajima were really cast in Baccano as they were in this video (instead of that annoying couple), I would've made it past the second episode... Also lulz at who Abe is cast as XD

4) PoteMiha After that certain butler, Mihashi may just become the next non-female non-trap to qualify for SaiMoe...

5) And my personal favourite... OoFuri Dash! ~Mawaru mawatteku~

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