Sunday, 3 February 2008

So today I watched... ZENRYOKU USAGI 1

Ever wondered what Animal Yokocho (Animal Alley) really looks like behind that trapdoor? Unfortunately I have no idea whether or not this is revealed later in the series since I've no means of watching it thus far :(

Well, whatever it is, there's a good chance these guys here were the ones responsible in constructing/deconstructing/reconstructing the place (And you wonder why in Animal Yokocho Iyo, Issa, and Kenta spend so much time in Ami's room? Besides to torment the girl, of course). Zenryoku Usagi (Give It All Rabbits), this season's offer to the kiddies (and the kiddy-at-heart-otakus *ahem*) is a show about bunnies GIVING IT ALL THEY'VE GOT in construction work. And GIVE IT ALL THEY'VE GOT is what they do, be it their morning dance/warm-up routine, the construction work - or the inevitable deconstruction and reconstruction that follow.

They're even asked to GIVE IT ALL THEY'VE GOT when they're pissed at one another and have to bust each other up on the site! This being a kid's show after all, they naturally have to make up afterwards WITH ALL THEY'VE GOT as well.

Our main bunny is the spunky but fragile Minarai, who doesn't leave for the worksite without his trusty pen marker-ed eyebrows (LOL!). He tries to GIVE IT ALL HE'S GOT on the worksite, but most of the tasks prove too difficult for him, so he usually ends up emitting moe-waves when he's distressed(double LOL).
The other bunnies on site include the old geezer bunny who's constantly telling everyone to (you guessed it) "GIVE IT ALL YOU'VE GOT", the foreman who's tough on the outside but a mommy's boy at heart, the tough-girl bunny, the lovesick nee-san bunny (voiced by Mitsuishi Kotono, which makes her the Misato bunny =P) and the Kouki Miyata megane bunny (which concludes today's 'spot' the seiyuu game). They're all in the first pic of the post and should be easily recognized, otherwise you can read usagijen's post =P.

There's also this guy here who may or may not be an actual bunny considering that he(?) has jet propulsion and the ability to multiply itself at will. It'll be awesome too he shoots beams out of his ears as well =P
So yea, Zenryoku Usagi may not be on the typical healthy 18 going on 19 year old's viewing diet... At a glance the show's 'kiddiness' is probably on par with Animal Yokocho, and it also begs the question of whether or not kids in Japan actually watch series like these considering the jokes are probably a tier higher than you're average episode of Doraemon/Shin-chan (Would they actually follow Misato bunny's cement mixing love rant this episode? 'Twas pretty WTF). But I'm obviously a fan of all things zany and at least a little off the beaten track, so what the heck =P

Zenryoku Usagi may lack the awesome punnage and unpredictability level of Animal Yokocho, but it's still a bundle of good 'clean' fun, and I just can't help thinking that every one of the Give It All Bunnies has a part of their bunny cousin Iyo from Animal Lane in them. XD (Though on second thought this show reminds me more of Sweet Valerian than AniYoko... yet another reference that will probably earn me very strange looks =P). And what with my relatively light watchlist right now, the only thing stopping me from following this show is my combined noob-ness in listening to raw Japanese and reading Chinese subtitles! No worries, so long as they don't pull out any fancy puns, I'll just have to...

GIVE IT ALL I'VE GOT for now (
=P *dodges smelly fruit*)

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