Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Ookiku Furikabutte 23... with spoilers, duh

It's all in her face... well, kind of.

I really haven't much to say about this episode... except it was awesomely giddifying and superbly satisfying... Suffice to say the outcome of the previous episode has been gloriously reversed... But just by how much you ask?

Aiming low to avoid disappointment?

Tajima Good Job!!!

Wish there was a better way for me to convey the sheer awesomeness of Tajima's swing this episode... (I'd make a GIF image if I knew how...) It was about time that he got to show off that batting talent of his in the game, up to then Tousei had been guarding against him pretty well (still wowing at that seemingly never-ending stream of foul balls he was forced to hit at his previous batting). But FINALLY Tajima pulls through with sheer skill against Tousei's battery -no fluke involved, they even deconstructed his decisive swing to prove the point (it would've been extra awesome if they did it Yakitate-style with reactions =P) - and as a result the game isn't only tied (again), but Nishiura takes the lead!!!

*coughs* inyourfaceTousei *coughs*

The reaction I had was quite the same as Tajima's... well, it would've been if there weren't as many people in the house already concerned about the sanity of the person cooped up with the computer all day. So I had to settle for that Momokan-ish-just-barely-holding-in-the-jubilation face (first pic in the post) with my fists balled up so tight it actually felt like I could easily crush a pomelo or two... And the game isn't even over yet!

There's still one episode left in the game, and I wish I could say for sure how it's going to turn out in the end, but... All I have to go on now is Momokan's slightly vague expression in the preview... Don't want to get too ahead of myself though like poor Takase did...

Not happening... just yet :P

YES you can, just GIVE IT ALL YOU'VE GOT!!!

Next episode... on with the raws! Wish me luck =P

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