Wednesday, 20 February 2008

True Laughs in True Tears?

It sure is!

So today I watched... true tears 7, the recent high drama episode everyone has been raving about, only I found i totally lolz. Yes, something must be wrong with the part of my brain which is support to govern my emotions, which may just explain my thoughts in my previous post (on CLANNAD's attempt so far in taking me on a emotional roller coaster ride... only I'm still stuck in the queue).

Take the catfight between Hiromi and Noe for example. Two girls feeling shitty about the same boy they like taking it out on one another - when it's really the guy's fault for making them feel shitty in the first place! Okay, so maybe Hiromi's just feeling shitty over her possibly incestuous feelings (come on, this is anime, it's the place to be incestuous!). But when Hiromi dies of bird flu through eating Noe's chicken-pecked bentou, wouldn't it be Shinichiro's fault for not paying attention to the chicken girl then? And Hiromi's friends' attempted intervention with the basketball and mop? Yea, real useful girls...

Oh, and the scene when Ai tosses the scarf thing at Shinichiro as a blind to dive in for the kiss... More drama, only I'm thinking of the scene in Muteki Kanban Musume where Kankuro thinks of using a love letter in the same way to blind Miki and moving in for the kill... At least Ai succeeds in her intentions :P

But really, the true hilarity pertaining this episode is reading Jason's post right after (or in my case, before) it. Have to agree with Calawain's comment there about the post being more entertaining than the show itself (well just this episode anyways).

Rather than just mindlessly poke fun at true tears, I will give it credit for delivering what I expect from it: there's the drama, the well paced plot and character progression, with each girl getting their developments simultaneously, and how they act is at least justified within the confines of the story (Noe's quirkiness, Hiromi's moodiness and Ai's desperation - and how the last two can be attributed to Shinichiro's denseness and unwittingly disastrous actions. Yes, this last point should be frustrating, but I find it quite amusing to note really, since we don't expect much from the lead male in these shows anyways, so why not make them the cause of all the drama?). What gives the show extra points would be Noe's lovable nonconformity, which makes her an instant fan-favourite, as well as how they've so far succeeded in weaving a web of conflicts between the characters without coming across as too contrived.

In short, I'm enjoying the show for what the more serious aspects it offers, but there's nothing wrong with getting a few unintentional side laughs as well =P

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