Friday, 15 February 2008

So today I watched... Mnemosyne 1

I could use a little 'water' myself after watching all that...

So to totally eschew the atmosphere of today's occasion, I decided to forgo Kimikiss or true tears (not that I had their latest episodes on hand anyways) and go for something I knew would so totally be against the spirit of St Valentines... Hence Mnemosyne.

Starts out with a female private investigating duo hunting down a stray cat (very reminiscent of the detectives in Darker than Black. Similarities don't end there), which naturally leads to much bigger things. Amongst the many such bigger things this introductory OVA has to offer are generous amounts blood, tits, and alcohol. If you want a more serious reason to watch, there's also some sort back-story that isn't fully fleshed out yet about immortals, cloning and zombies(?) which involves some serious action and (for now) a boatload of intrigue... Honestly no use in asking me for more, will just have to wait for the release of the subsequent OVAs to find out more.

A few things to note: Noto Mamiko as the main femme fatale Asougi Rin is once more stepping out of her usual 'voice of grace' into edgier territory (good). Wish I could say the same thing about Kugimiya Rie (*yawn*). Oh, and Tanaka Rie as the villainess (oh so divine :D) - albeit for this episode only... or maybe not considering the recurring theme of immortality. Was personally pleased that the episode didn't end as 'cleanly' as I thought it would (spoiler: clone guy didn't kill himself in the end. though that would've been obvious if I actually paid attention to the OP). Last but not least, not something I'd recommend for those with queasy stomachs, there's a torture scene which would easily outclass the Sonozaki's of Higurashi if we were shown anything more than the beginning and end of it. (If your loved one suggests curling up to this OVA on V-Day... I'd say clear out, or get ready for a very kinky night...)

All in all, not a bad day to end V-Day/SAD. Though I came out of that OVA feeling like I needed to unwatch small portions of it, that desire has totally been eclipsed by the desire to unsee this (NSFW warning... Thanks a lot Kurogane...) Thankfully there's still more chocos to the rescue... Yum...?

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