Tuesday, 5 February 2008

ZENRYOKU USAGI 2: Bunny goes GAR!!!

Hah, this episode seals it, I am SO watching this show to the end, Chinese subs be damned! (Had to watch this episode twice, once to understand the gist of it off from the Japanese, the second time to slowly read the few Chinese characters I could manage to confirm anything I didn't fully understand and had to guess during the first watch. Admittedly I didn't GIVE IT ALL I GOT since I was too lazy to grab my Chinese dictionary, but I assume I managed well enough) =P

Zenryoku Usagi is obviously my current 'innocent pleasure' of the season (which offsets the fetish-fest that is KimiAru =P), and this episode shows that the show manages to pull off simple humour with the characters' worksite interactions. Like Misato-bunny above, I'm already quite smitten with little Minarai's klutzy/moe-emanating antics, but the LOL factor in this episode is watching Minarai go GAR when provoked! Well, considering who the show is aimed at, I doubt it's a performance that would qualify him for the next SaiGar tournament (but it would be absolutely WTFBBQ if Minarai actually got nominated XD).

"Vote for me WITH ALL YOU'VE GOT!!!"

Short summary: Basically tough-chick bunny (Ojou) gets tired of Minarai getting off easy at work using his moe-waves, so she teams up with the foreman bunny to try to crack the little guy and toughen him up. The megane-bunny screws up the number of lunch bentous for the crew by one (this I guessed off the subs, someone correct me if I'm wrong), which leaves poor Minarai hungry ;( Megane-bunny offers Minarai his own bentou out of guilt, but the foreman bunny steps in and takes it for himself instead... Which almost cracks the little guy up, but he maintains his "pity me" state. Megane-bunny sees a bond with Minarai, both of them feeding off the bottom of the GAR-scale at work.

Foreman bunny quickly surmises that lack of food should be the right trigger for their plan, so while Minarai partakes in beardy-bunny's bentou, Ojou snatches the food from the hungry little bunny, which finally cracks the kid and unleashes GAR-Minarai. After flaming up for a while, which impresses foreman-bunny and Ojou, Minarai goes back to normal work mode, only to be told by beardy-bunny that if he worked any slower he'd have to deduct his pay (I think). With horror, Minarai realizes that less pay equals less food (a thought process I can easily relate too :P), so he goes back into GAR-mode again...

"Kids, don't try this at work..."

In the end, the worker bunnies are impressed by how GAR Minarai has become (except poor megane-bunny who feels he's lost a comrade, aww... Maybe all he really needs are some marker eyebrows, lol). Ojou even lends him a waterproof marker when it starts to rain ('cos you can't stay GAR without some GAR-brows!).
However, there seemed to be one more little problem at the end of the episode. Unfortunately, my noobness caught up there, so my best educated guess is that despite all of Minarai's GAR work, he had neglected to follow the plans and was digging up the wrong place or something to that effect (if someone has watched the episode and could follow exactly what went on, it would be a great help if you confirmed/disconfirmed this :P).

Definitely will continue following the series, with any luck it might improve both my Japanese comprehension and sorely lacking Chinese reading ability XD.

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