Sunday, 27 April 2008

Junjou Romantica 3: Someday My Prince Will Come (Oh god that just sounds awfully wrong!)

I'm trying to keep this post short, since I'm starting to feel guilty as the only person in the 'study' room currently not actually studying (Okay, so I have my Physics book and electronic dictionary on the table, but neither of them are open -_-" Also reading 5 pages for homework has never been this difficult to me thanks to the horror that is kanji...)

Anyways, since I can't think of anything else to blog about right now and having taken up usagijen's raw watching advice and applying it on... Junjou Romantica of all things last night (instead of watching more Toshokan Sensou raw, I watched the sub of episode one instead, lol. Saiunkoku Monogatari was on TV too last night, but I've watched the episode before and keeping up with the dialogue when there's no pause button is difficult enough in a show that's not set in an ancient China-like setting -_-"), I might as well toss up another JR post since those seem to receive the most comments

This scene totally cracked me up with the cheesy line Nowaki used :"Hiro-san wa boku wo moratta!" (I'll be taking my man toy Hiro now if you don't mind) XD

Side note: Hiroki's voiced by Kentarou Itou and Nowaki by Nobutoshi Canna. For those like me before this who have no idea who these people are (and aren't likely to remember anyways), Nobutashi Canna also did Ryuuya in Air (for the fanboys) and Fushigi Yuugi's Tasuki (for the old school fangirls) as well as Saiunkoku's Tei Yuushun (which one was that again?). Kentarou Itou is La Corda's Tsuchiura (green haired soccer pianist-kun, but the fangirls know that), Saiunkoku's Ensei (possibly the only anime character I know who appears with and without facial hair at different times in the series) and for the fanboys(? I don't think so...) Soul Link's Shuhei (*urgh Soul Link*)

Anyways, there's one point about episode 3 that's bugging me a little (and no, it's not the compulsory buttsecks. Seriously though, if there's at least one buttsecks episode per episode, then like those guy friends I have who shamelessly proclaim to be desensitized to porn after after watching so much of it, I have a feeling that the same thing will happen to me with regards to 'subtext' by the end of JR -_-"). A ridiculously common feature of most BL stories is that it has to take extraordinary or downright ridiculous circumstances to get the guys to actually start loving/hating (love/hate being another common factor) on each other (See Gravitation) The current arc of JR exhibits this trend more than the previous one (though since this one doesn't start with raeping and leaves the subtext till after the romancing, its slightly more 'palatable' -_-").

With Hiroki and Nowaki, it takes a rocket (Hinano just had to turn it into p3n!s pump, LOL) and one look at Hiroki's sad-because-I-was-raepd-by-a-guy-who-pretended-I-was-someone-totally-else face before Nowaki decides that he's 'fallen in love with Hiroki at first sight' and wants to make him happy. A little too convenient, don't you think?

It kinda got me thinking about 'Prince Charming' syndrome in anime, where the (usually) female (that part doesn't apply in BL, obviously) protagonist yearns for that gangly Prince to come save her from her bitterly unromantic life. What I always find interesting is the different ways this theme has been played out in different show. Like in Utena and more recently Toshokan Sensou, the female leads decide after first encounters with their certain 'Prince Charmings' to not just sit around waiting and pining, but to go ahead and emulate their princes in a bid to become closer with the often mysterious entity that is the 'Prince'. Probably just as fantastical, but it's nice to know that they're putting some sort of effort into it rather than moping about in a park waiting for some random projectile to fall at their feet -_-" (Not as significant, the OP song to Rozen Maiden Traumend, Seishoujo Ryouiki has the line "I don't believe in a prince on a white horse". Makes me think of the new Code Geass OP sequence..)

But this deal about things happening conveniently to bring together couples is of course just a detail of fiction being fiction for the sake of a story. And BL is mostly catering to the imaginative fangirl crowd as opposed to actual guys who like guys (homo/bi/tri, what have you) anyways, so realism can go straight out the window in the hopes of bringing out that inner "KYAA, that was SOOO sweet!!! *hearts*" reaction in the viewer.

There's nothing wrong with all that I suppose. But I do wonder if one day perhaps we'll have a WTF BL show featuring a non-bishie male lead who spends his time in gay bars stalking prey... *shudders*

And one final point: Who sends flowers to a florist???

So much for a short post -_-"


Anonymous said...

where do u download ur episodes for Junjou Romantica. i love this anime but i am having problems finding it

saimaisama said...

A non-bishie lead? SCANDAL! That's a scary thought really ... but if the prey are cute then I guess it'll pass for some. HAHA. (I'm really just kidding)

Hiroki prolly gave him flowers because at least that way he can protect his pride since the flower shop can just give it to Nowaki directly and he wouldn't have to do it face to face ... okay, I think I didn't make sense. (Hiro-chan's just being his normal tsundere self)

V!MaL said...

I totally love JR and have watched every episode. Muahaha. Too bad Miyagi and Shinobu story was kinda short. But Misaki is the most adorable thing ever.

shinigami said...

You can download it from youtube or aarinfantasy

kwkyori said...

i see your point but a couple facts were wrong...hiroki wasn't raped...he had sex with usagi and usagi went along with it.... T_T
kinda depressing...but yeah this is the cutest coupling ever!!! :D