Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Testing Testing (Oh, and the Anime Blog Awards)

For some reason, my previous post isn't appearing on AnimeNano. So I'm posting this substance-less excuse of a post to see if it's something wrong with the post (did I say something wrong?) or I just have crud karma.

Okay fine, just so that there is some content of some sort, I'll repost that last part about the Anime Blog Awards:

In other news, nominations for The Anime Blog Awards are closing... today? Okay, so I'm rather slow on the uptake. If anyone with an anime blog who hasn't nominated and wants to, you better do it quick since every vote nomination counts/your one vote nomination could tip things in your favourite blogger's favour, etc (or just because it's your obligation as a citizenblogger of the community and that's how democracy works!). If my own nominations didn't turn out to mirror the common denominators of just about every category (except in the 'Most Influential' category where I just tossed in my then personal favourite blogs :P), I'd probably do one of those "why I nominated so-and-so" posts.

So what are you waiting for? Go nominate! That is all.

Edit: Okay, this is WEIRD, I posted this yesterday (22nd) and it JUST appeared on AnimeNano today (23rd)- almost 24 hours later... What's going on here????

Edit again: Oh... looks like the 'problem's been fixed... I guess it is due to my forgetting to change the time zone settings for this blog after all... OTL


sneezl said...

The Teachers post was on AnimeNano just fine earlier.

issa-sa said...

So it is, guess I should've been more patient (uni wireless gets cut off at 10, didn't want to wait till the next day to resolve whatever problems there may have been.) Luckily I didn't bother hung about it at the last minute *phew*