Friday, 18 April 2008

Spring 2008 Kimochiwarui Rankings

Hosaka has nothing on these guys. And penguin.

There's just something about each of these following characters from this season that creep the bejeezus out of me... But for the most part it's an okama ranking (*coughs*gimmick post*coughs*) more than anything else =P (Sorry, I haven't watched the trap show of the season, Wagaya no Oinorisama). So in increasing order of 'kimochiwarui'...

8) Beckham (Penguin no Mondai) - Yes, I'm recycling images, but seriously some of his other facial distortions are a little too disturbing to screencap -_-" There are some very off-putting elements in this penguin which goes against the kiddy look of the show, but works with the gag portion of it.

7) 'Chinese' Ruler 'Dude' (Code Geass R2)
It's more the way he(?) sounds than looks.

6) Porilyn (Crystal Blaze)
Is (s)he going to be a recurring character?

5) Ginka (Kyouran Kazoku Nikki)
There's nothing really kimochiwarui about Ginka really... Besides the fact that he's in love with his 'dad' and all... (Egads, Papa to Kiss in the Dark!!) You can watch his ED on j1m0ne's blog. And it's no wonder she predicted Ginka's seiyuu correctly, Fujita Yoshinori voiced Kaoru in Ouran and Masumi in Nodame Cantabile (whose real gender I still cannot remember for the life of me -_-"), lol. Oh, and that pathetic student council dude(?) in the second episode of Special Anorexics.

4) Muscle Okama (Zettai Karen Children)
An okama villain (that shoots Iyo-pe! p3nis beams!) in a show called Absolutely Lovely Children?? Now that I think about, quoting from my last post:

"(What kind of warped blogger talks about a 'kid's show right after forbidden boys' love you ask? Welcome to Tondemo Nothing!)"'s funny that I didn't blog this episode, lol.

3) Golgo 13Duke Togo (Golgo 13)
Too GAR for me. Well Shin likes him (which is why I stole the image from Atalude :P Gomen!), hopefully not for the reason above...

2) Kogarashi (Kamen no Maid Guy)
Cannot... Resist... Laughing... The concept of Kamen no Maid Guy is just so over the top - gar male meido? The humour in the show is a little over the place, but everytime Kogarashi appears on screen I find myself struggling really badly to suppress the LOLz while my mind screams "WHY??? WHY????"- he's just so WTFBBQ and has such blatantly inappropriate lines to rival Kanokon. This is going to sound so wrong, but if I do continue watching Kamen no Maid Guy it's so see more of this dude XD

1) Shirogane (Monochrome Factor)
Noone is more 気持ち悪い this season than Shirogane here methinks. So he doesn't raep the main male character in the series in the first episode like that one other show, but he comes real close... There's just too much disturbing going on with this guy(???), the hair, those lips ("The better with which to kiss you with..." EEEEKKK), that freakin figure and everything he does and says... The thing is the first episode of Monochrome Factor didn't seem as bad as I've read at first, if a little unoriginal (emo schoolkid VS supernatural beings? *yawns*), but the moment Shirogane appears on screen, it's OH NOES all the way...

Ranking done based on first episode of each show. I could've sworn there were more than 8 when I first thought of this post... Ah well.


blissmo said...

I was going to watch Monochrome Factor but Shirogane scared me!


WHAT?! TOO GAR?! And yes, I like Duke for his AMAZING PENIS!

Also, Shirogane is Michael Jackson. You cannot unsee.

Impz said...

I lol-ed at the MJ reference. Ownage.