Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Sticks and Stones Will Break Their Bones?

Feed me.

Err, in case you missed the point of my last post.

Nabari no Ou:

Note that he's got Miharu's entire arm in one grip
How do those legs support anything?

From now on, when it comes to this part in the OP, I'll pause, lift a finger between my eyes and the screen - and watch Kouichi disappear.

Nice legs.

Imagine if Raimei mentions the word 'diet'. I can't.

Yea... those must be some really thick clothes he's wearing...

Special A:


I think I've rattled on about the noodle wrestlers of this show enough.

Of course, if you were to properly compare the weights of the Nabari no Ou cast and the Special A cast, you'd have to first remove all hidden ninja weapons from Kouichi et al, and exclude Tadashi from the S.A. group just to be fair since he actually eats.

So much for my crack post -_-"


Skinny Shin said...

As a skinny person, I'm offended by this post.

Nagato said...

Don't hate on skinny people, you fatty! (Jkay, I don't mean to imply that you are a fatty or anything of the sort. It was just to go along with the statement. xD)

blissmo said...

LOL! I don't like CLAMP style and never will

Caitlin said...

Those pictures make me feel fat. *eats another donut*

issa-sa said...

To be honest, I'm pretty skinny in RL too... But it's seeing anime characters like these (and yes the Code Geass gang) that's taking big blows at my self esteem... You mean I CAN'T be a model student/ninja if I actually eat?? Zetsubou-shita!!! *grabs donut from caitlin*

Skinny Shin said...

Which is why I love Real Drive right now lawl.

Anonymous said...


Wow, them there are some impossibly thin proportions! Maaan, I'll just run with "it's stylized art" (like Jack Skellington in Nightmare Before Christmas).

I'm interested in Nabari no Ou, though. I do like the angsty looking story....

(Your ad-lib comments made me laugh, by the by--thanks!)