Monday, 28 April 2008

Toshokan Sensou 3 : Am I blind or what?

I watched the raw for Toshokan Sensou 3 yesterday at least twice and though each time my brain duly noted the brand of the beer Doujou was drinking without much registration since it wasn't a pun on any actual real life brand as you'd usually find in anime (my personal favourite, Kyouya's Pineapple laptop in Ouran XD). I still can't believe that after my last post on Prince Charmings it still takes a comment on Impz's blog to note me of the possible significance of the damned drink, *smacks forehead* Whether or not it's a hint/confirmation of Doujou's actual status in the story is still up to speculation at this point, but you have to commend whomever's idea it was to slip the Prince motif all so clearly in front of us (and yet I still missed it - and this is why regular sleeping patterns are so important OTL). And usagijen's deep frying of Toshokan Sensou has ignited the Doujou X Iku shipper flame in me and has further increased my intentions of purchasing the source material the next time I see them novels manga (Japanese reading skills still not up to par) in a store! There goes the monies... T.T

P.S. This episode has people dying over books. And this is why Library Wars is SRS BSNSS!


blissmo said...

Yay, the subs have caught up! Like really fast lols.

"And this is why Library Wars is SRS BSNSS!"

LOL I agree!

Shin said...

I'm giving TSHNN another day before I jump ship D:

issa-sa said...

LOL TSHNN is being slaughtered by Ocha!Subs. I'm just so glad that after 'a long wait' of 3 episodes so many subbers are finally giving Library Wars the attention it deserves!

Susie Q said...

Library Wars rocks! There were so many times when Kasahara and Doujou were fighting or having tense confrontations and it seemed like they were so close to kissing- ahh the tension!