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Spring 2008 Part 3 : It's like longer than Parts 1 and 2 combined

Ouch. Now I know why we're an endangered species -_-"

I think I've watched enough first episodes this season to last me... a whole season. There are still some shows I've yet to check out, but considering most of my classes will be commencing next week, I'll probably be giving Amatsuki (Fukuyama Jun again?), Blassreiter, Real Drive, Neo Angelique Whatever (There's probably enough bishounen here than in every other show this season combined. And that's no small number), xxxHolic Kei (sorry, didn't get past the 1st episode of the 1st season), Wagaya no Oinorisama and Nijuu Mensou Musume and Kyou Kara Maou (technically I'm only a few episodes short of finishing the first 2 seasons, but I have enough on my plate now as it is) a miss for now. Otherwise, there'll be a final(?) part 4 some time later. For now, this is it for sampling series this season as I move into the unpredictability of 2nd episodes...

Zettai Karen Children : It’s like Ground Defence Force! Mao-chan… with older lolis!

I've actually only watched 2 short episodes of Mao-chan before (the Love Hina homage episode). The show features 3 lolis whose task is to protect the world from 'cute' aliens. (Remove the inverted commas, they really are cute XD). Zettai Karen Children or Absolutely Lovely Children (WTH?) features 3 slightly older lolis with psychic powers who have to take down bizzare villains like a hard-gay wannabe in the first episode. Rather amusing really, with Hirano Aya basically reprising her role as an ero-jiji Konata and that other loli giving Kodomo no Jikan vibes in the way she looks at Konata...

Continue watching? Probably not intentionally, but I can still catch it on TV Sunday mornings.

The GARness... It burns!!!

Golgo 13 : It’s like James Bond. Supposedly.

I had zero intention of watching this. Then one late night while flipping channels I find an anime about plane hijacking and gratuitous sex. Was pretty stoned at the time and wasn't really paying atention so I booted out quickly. Wonder what the person next door thought of the static interjected moaning from my room *swt*

Continue: Nyeh. If I really want to watch gratuitous sex there's always Junjou Romantica XD

Wait till you hear the 100th. Then you'll be in despair.

Allison & Lillia : It’s like Sisters of Wellber… without the talking tank

Actually I couldn't really think of a show to compare Allison & Lillia with so the closest I could get is Sisters of Wellber that had a similar non-shounen good-feel adventure vibe to it.

Continuing? While I didn't continue Sisters of Wellber after the first episode, I certainly will (egads, unintentional pun) be with Allison & Lillia, no less because of Allison and Lillia Will themselves (Yea, so I love Mizuki Nana :P Also I need to clean my ears out for not recognizing her in Itazura na Kiss -_-" Will's voice was rather familiar too, and it turns out to be Shaoran from CCS) who make a decidedly 'normal' yet ragtag team of adventurers.

Nabari no Ou : It’s like 2X2 Shinobuden meets Loveless

What's this? Kugimiya Rie makes a more convincing boy than Noto Mamiko?? What I love about her performance in Nabari though is that it sounds much less of her usual Nagi/Shana/etc roles and more of her awesome Kagura from Gintama. And I wonder how many Nico users typed "Nii-pah!" during Tamura Yukari's eerie voiceover...

Continue? The rather funny BL-ish jokes (unlike the downright disconcerting ones of Monochrome Factor...) and fluid action in the first episode (it's a modern day ninja show after all, and the serious kind - unlike 2X2 Shinobuden or Ninja Nonsense in English) earn this Nabari no Ou a spot on my watchlist.

And speaking of Nico Nico and Tamura Yukari...

Da Capo II Second Season : It's like Da Capo II & Da Capo SS in one... Uh-oh...

Jeff Lawson isn't the only one with a 'soft spot' for the original Da Capo series. It was probably my first foray into an actual 'harem' anime of sorts - though the end girl was decided pretty much halfway through, I liked how they still gave the other haremette some sort of closure still in the second half. Unfortunately, the less said about the next two anime incarnations of the Da Capo the better (Aisia alone ruined DCSS, as for DCII, Koko is the prime example of why her shy girl archetype makes for a lousy lead heroine... There was potential for something different than your usual tsundere there, but it's like the creators didn't even try to make her unbland). What of DCIISSWTFBBQ (shouldn't acronyms be short?) then? Like it's 3 predecesors, it starts off in its usual decent non-offensive way that only non-fanservicey harem shows can that lulls you into thinking, hey, this may not be half bad... only it's from where the DCII left off (only the robot girl is nowhere in sight, yay?) and the SS suffix is sounding alarms off in my head already...

Continue watching? I suppose I'm somewhat invested into the series already, so yea . At best it may help reclaim the 'magic' of Hatsunejima lost in the previous installments, at worst, it'll still make good raw-watching practice.

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki : It’s like Rizelmine meets Kamisama Kazoku

It's hard to say anything coherent about this show. It's like the creaters just pieced together whatever idea they could get their hands on for quirky characters and tossed them together in what could be the funniest comedy this season... Or at least the second most bizzare (After Penguin no Mondai XD). And as far as shows employing the WTF ploy of Japanese government endorsed forced marriages, Kyouran Kazoku Nikki takes the cake from Rizelmine (and the downright awful Final Approach).

Continue watching? As a comedy junkie, I'm not missing Satou Rina's jellyfish ED for a thing XD

Kaiba : It’s like ??? (Err... the only thing I can think of is Cat Soup... and maybe Starship Troopers)

So called experimental anime isn't exactly my thing. Though I think there's a lot of good one can say about Kaiba's 1st episode which I can agree with in the most part (the rather short cast list on ANN isn't short on impressive btw), I'm not sure I'm personally ready for this kind of viewing experience since my thoughts after the episode was "That was one awesome ostrich... thing!".

Continuing? Thanks to Sat-chan Owen S for the summary/analysis which helped me with what I missed from watching the raw (I understood so far as the amusing yet slightly disturbing scene where the kid decides that his brother's memory is of no use to the world, lol/"..."). Though I do like the funky art and the deliberately bizzareness of the world, I don't think this show is for me after all. Those who loved the episode and plan to continue will probably be personally well rewarded in the end so I will recommend this episode out for yourself.

Crystal Blaze : It’s like Hataraki Man meets El Cazador de la NoirLax (the heroine, that is)

Crystal Blaze is rather intriguing really. I checked it out since it's labeled as mystery (which I love) only there's probably SF/supernatural elements in it (which I don't like so much). Of course if you want a superficial reason to check out the first episode, a good part of it has the mysterious female character running around nekkid and involving herself in unintentionally hilarious situations that only clothed people should (carjacking, gunfights, etc.) And yes, she reminds me Matsukata from Hataraki Man (with a lip reduction) XD

Watching still? I'm slightly curious, despite it being one of the less 'spectacular' looking series this season (there's freakin Code Geass and Library Wars after all), so I'll put this one on a sort of watchlist waitlist for now.

Vampire Knight : It’s like Zombie Loan… with vampires (duh)

Some people I know will watch any show with vampires, and some will watch anything with bishounen, regardless of anything else in it. Well this show has both, and I'm not in either of those two mentioned groups. But of course I had to check it out if only for Horie Yui and Miyano Mamoru (who could use at least as many roles as Fukuyama Jun IMHO... Oh shit, he's in here too???), and I have to say the episode tickled me for being so blatantly generic in so many ways - the cheesy character names (Yuki Cross and Zero - Zero!), the token gothic atmosphere of the setting, the grainy flashbacks, the emo bishie antics of the emo bishies... The only thing missing is an ALI PROJECT OP/ED.

Continuing? Despite myself, the first episode did entertain me to a certain extent (then again, so did Zombie Loan's), but methinks no. If it wasn't for Ryuu and Tajima (I can't even remember his actual name) in S.A., I'll probably watch the bishie vampires over the bishie anorexics this season.

Monochrome Factor : It’s like Loveless… without the Love (Har har. There'll probably be an inordinate amount of 'love' in this one actually)

This post already summed up my impression of Monochrome Factor. I'm not really sure why I watched it even despite since there's hardly a positive comment for the show around, but I guess curiosity killed the panda OTL. I could've sworn though there was a half decent high-school monster-killing romp somewhere amidst the (MJ class, LOL) WTF-ness that is Shirogane, but with Soul Eater and Junjou Romantica this season, who's going to watch this?

Continue? Dropped. Though will someone inform me if this was meant to be blatant BL (I wanted to say BL satire. Right...) and if Shirogane gets his way with that other dude in the end? XD

Kamen no Maid Guy : It’s like They Are My Noble Masters… only they’re not very noble at all

I think I enjoyed Kamen no Maid Guy's first episode more than I should have... It's hard not to, unless you're against erroneously placed frontal nudity *gasps, it's the new Shuffle!* or just find the concept of a maid GUY (actually when I first heard the title, I was convinced it's be another Kamen Rider type show -_-") too kimochiwarui or just plain lame. Though Kogarashi takes the cake with his utter disregard of the delicacies of male female interactions (Jason's post sums up his best lines in the episode), all the other characters join in the fun in providing their bit to the humour (It would be awesome if Fubuki was voiced by Tanaka Rie though :P).

Continue watching? YES. Kanokon and To-LoveRU be damned. Maid Guy 4tw!

Himitsu - The Revelation : It's like CSI with mind raep.

This show give 'mind raep' a total new meaning. It's another pseudo mystery show this season, more in the vein of CSI as the characters analyze the brains of murder victims to unearth their memories to unveil the killer. *Sigh* Whatever happened to the good old days of solving mysteries Sherlock Holmes/Hercule Poirot/Ms Marple style (I've not watched the kiddified Agatha Christie anime adaptation though. I'm sticking to the novels, thank you very much) instead of relying on the powers of science?? Maybe I should go back to Detective Conan -_-"

Continue watching? Ranting aside, I do love CSI and Himitsu - The Revelation is intruiging to me as Crystal Blaze is, though it looks to be episodic in nature so I'll probably forget to watch it anyways. On the plus side there's Seki Tomokazu and Nonaka Ai in he cast, so this goes into the 'pending' list as well.

(Extra) Tower of Druaga (alternate version of ep. 1) : It's like the first version of episode 1... without the tentacles.

Not much to say about this one. Had to watch it literally side by side with the actual first episode in the same video on Nico Nico and the conflicting audio made it rather confusing. It amused me though that every line Jil said in his sleep corresponded nearly exactly to the lines in the original episode.

*Phew* And that's about it. I'll post a firmed up watchlist sometime next week.

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