Thursday, 17 April 2008

The Problem with Penguins... And the Truth behind Gintama's Elizabeth?

Got 10 minutes to spare? Well you could always watch 3 episodes of Chi's Sweet Home... Or this.

(Edit: I just realized that Zenryoku Usagi's finally gotten English subs! Bunnies GIVING IT ALL THEY'VE GOT sounds way better than "Bunnies doing the best" though, IMHO :P)

I wasn't really paying attention at this scene, so for a moment I thought it was a joke sub -_-"

Penguin no Mondai is about... a blue penguin named Beckham (seriously, who comes up with these names?) who's purpose in life seems to be annoying the wits out of his supposed best human buddy, Naoto. A first glance it looks very much like a kiddy show... Which is why you're seeing it on this blog :P

Too many BL jokes this season...

(What kind of warped blogger talks about a 'kid's show right after forbidden boys' love you ask? Welcome to Tondemo Nothing!)

I wouldn't remove that (suit?) if I were you...

Well, to say this is a kiddy show can be rather misleading really. Zenryoku Usagi from last season managed to be funny and child friendly a the same time. Penguin no Mondai... I wouldn't recommend to the younger audiences personally. It's more of a gag show that's more suited for people over the age of 10 or something since the humour can be rather... disturbing sometimes. Like when Naoto is asked to pull Beckham out of a hole in the wall in which he inexplicably got stuck in, only... Well think Elizabeth from Gintama with a twist, and you should be able to guess what happens. There's a lot of character deformation involved which is ridiculously exaggerated and a lot of exasperated shouting from the characters (Naoto and Beckham have kind of a love hate relationship going on XD), so it was a pretty funny first episode all in all. Just, the humour is rather... warped so it takes a slightly twisted sense of humour to enjoy it (*points to self*)

Penguin no Mondai : It's like Zenryoku Usagi... with one insane penguin...

At first I wasn't even really sure that this is a Spring 2008 show since the animation is rather perplexing. At first glance everything looks like it's in a joyful colourful 2D but when Naoto or any of his human classmates move the effect seems 3D-ish... It's kinda hard so you just have to see it for yourself :P I'll take back what I said about this show being for kids though, it's as much a kid's show as Animal Yokocho is... Meaning it kinda is, but you can't be too sure when there's an Iyo-class 'evil' character in it XD

Continue Watching? Heck, it's only 10 minutes per episode, and it makes the perfect replacement for Zenryoku Usagi this season (Maybe I'll change my catchphrase to "Gopen-nasai!" now. Maybe not). And if you're already filled with the fuzzies from watching Chi's Sweet Home... Well, Penguin no Mondai may just bring you back to the dark side =P

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