Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Ahah! / Hayate no Gotoku Shiritori / Really?

*Edit: A big apology for how this post seemingly appeared 2-3 times on Nano, it was me publishing copies of this post over and over again because for some reason I couldn't edit it after publishing it for the first time...

Thanks to this blog post which I am openly ripping off (minus the Code Geass fanservice) I now know the 'secret' behind the seemingly random eyecatches of that blasted Combat Butler show. So it's really a series long game of shiritori huh? (You know, that Japanese word game where each player has to think of a word starting with the last syllable of the word before - see School Rumble or Galaxy Angels for other ridiculous but less elaborate ways of incorporating it into anime)

If you have a Nico Video account, feel free to watch the 9-minute video to relive all that eyecatch wonder in compressed form (and be prepared to have that eyecatch music stuck in your head for the rest of the day).

And I thought they were just spouting random lines to make even more old school anime references that I would never hope to get... Unfortunately, even after finding out this much, it's still hasn't convinced me that Hayate is the best thing in comedy since freshly baked bread, I'm probably one of the few so called 'comedy fans' that never really found the show as side-splittingly hilarious as everyone else did maybe because I have a prejudice against Kugimiya Rie voiced tsundere lolis except on the rare occasion I actually got a reference (Revolutionary Girl Hinagiku!!). That being said, I don't think even Maria, Hinagiku or Isumi (the 3 characters in the show I can tolerate) will convince me to watch that second season.

And in return for being a total post thief (please don't sue me ZeoiNagePotato), I'll just pimp out The Legend of Zunderella (which I just found today ORZ) which is a much better looking Blogspot (*collective gasp of disdain from all you Wordpress users*) blog than mine, so you should visit it for more of ZeoiNagePotato's posts on Tanaka Rie and such =P (And please, keep snappy comments like "Oh great, just what we need, another Singaporean blogger" to a minimum - no offence meant XD)


Anonymous said...

Zettai Karen Children made by the same animators also does the shiritori eyecatch thing.

What I never thought of was to check whether the first ZKC episode continues the game from the last HnG episode. It wouldn't surprise me if they did.

Wordpress User said...

*gasps in disdain*

Yeah, Hayate's jokes got stall after a while, although occasionally, I watch an episode or two if it features Hinagiku P:

TheBigN said...

It's definitely fun to hear all of those voices again, and nice to see another quirky thing that Hayate had. Will they continue this when they do the new season?

wildarmsheero said...

Hayate is hilarious if you actually watch anime.

Caitlin said...

I just started watching Hayate and I think it's hilarious. ^_^ But I don't pay attention to the voices or anything like that.

issa-sa said...

ajsheperd (& thebign): Wouldn't surprise me either, though it'd be more likely that they DO continue with it in the next season of HnG

shin: Yea, after a while I just watched random episodes being pimped out at random blogs lol.

wildarmshero: Ouch. *starts watching anime again*

Caitlin: Hopefully you enjoy it to the end then :P

HnG did make me laugh a fair bit at times without relying on the references (I liked the cashmere gag and the scene when Isumi FINALLY gets somewhere without getting lost XD), but what brought the show down for me in the end was my eternal non-interest in Hayate and Nagi which made watching the show feel like a chore (and that everytime I saw Katsura-sensei I feel like ripping that thing off her forehead)

Nagato said...

That's interesting news. It was pretty funny for the first while, but honestly, 52 episodes? I think the length is what sort-of killed Hayate for most of us.