Thursday, 15 May 2008

Happosai, is that you?

Posted beside the elevator of my dorm. If it's not legible from my fuzzy handphone pic, the notice reads:

Robbery of underwear occurred on 14th May on the 5th floor at Dorm 1.
Please watch out with your laundry and take out them after finishing wash soon.
Thank you for you cooperation.


The 5th floor's fully female, of course. I don't know whether to laugh or facepalm when I read that (and that has nothing to do with the Engrish, it's the first thing I made myself get used to here), since rumours were circulating about the day before about a 下着泥簿 (shitagi dorobou : underwear thief) - which has incidentally become the dorm's most favourite phrase now, lol. Apparently our dorm supervisor even had to make an announcement abut it via intercom to the entire dorm (but I was out at the time so I didn't get to hear it).

Also apparently, the same thing has already happened before recently - on the fully male 4th floor (XD) I guess the guys just didn't want to make as much of a fuss about it, lol ;P


Maid Guy said...

Ku ku ku, they need me to safeguard them.

Nagato said...

Robbery implies armed robbery, right? Scary q__x

Caitlin said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Love Happousai. But men's underwear? Is there even a market for that??

issa-sa said...

LOL, I forgot to make a Maid Guy comment like "I wonder how much they sold over the net".

From what I gather nagato, the victims were just rather careless about leaving their laundry in the dryer and not coming back to claim them in time, so no sharp objects were involved :P Them machines are probably being booby-trapped now as I type this though...

And if there is one caitlin, I don't want to know about it XD

lanie-emon said...

Kinda weird that men underwear is actually stolen. As caitlin said, maybe there is a market for it, lol ^^.

blissmo said...

LOLOL! I wish I lived in dorms ... I'm still in a house and school :D