Thursday, 15 May 2008

Kure-nai The Musical : Shinkurou's Harem

Tsk, those who labeled Kure-nai as a lolicon show are WRONG - THIS IS HAREM!!!

Yayoi is ronery no more (She doesn't seem very excited about the yuri prospects though)

Possibly the best episode of anime (and also possibly the most ear-grating XD) I've watched this week. A sure sign of a comedy show's awesomeness is when it makes me ROTFLMAO more than the average Code Geass episode, and Kure-nai 6 certainly did that for me - certainly I laughed out loud more than I did for the most recent ep of Code Geass, which is most certainly no easy task (Ooops, wrong link :P)... But wait, Kure-nai's not actually a comedy, is it?

Obviously the episode was mean to take us viewers by surprise, but despite spoiling myself as to the nature of the episode (I had the same expression as Yayoi's in the above pic when I read 'Kure-nai' and 'musical' in the same sentence - 'Musical' in particular makes me think Prince of Tennis of the atrociously out-of-place-character-bursting-into-song moments in Red Garden automatically, which is definitely NOT a good thing. But I guess this must be some kind of redemption for the shared director of both series, his way of saying "See, I CAN do musicals after all!" (Wait, he's only listed as the ep 8 singing director for Red Garden but not for Kure-nai, so maybe this has nothing to do with him after all)

Who would've thought that Yuuno would be the slut XD

Additional points for having Sawashiro Miyuki coach Shintani Ryoko in singing (Hey, maybe she can help Gotou Yuuko next), the scene where Yuuno first opened her mouth and started 'singing' totally slayed me XD Shintani Ryoko did an excellent job with the faux terrible pitching (well, at least I hope she as faking it, I know her singing isn't great or anything, but I actually like the ED song for Kure-nai) and single-handedly brought the entire cast's already abysmal singing efforts down to a whole new level of "ARGH!!! MY EARS!!!"

Yamie: You want to make this an EIGHTsome now???

Too bad that there wasn't an actual musical stage for them to perform in the end (I would've liked to see them at least TRY to get Yamie out of her so-called mourning clothes, LOL) and that the actual musical portion in the episode turned out to be slightly disturbing, though in a thoroughly amusing kind of way as opposed to a Red Garden WHHHYYY??? way (the animation along with the singing suddenly descended into bad dub territory, and the 'dance moves' seemed like some homage to RG's zombies). As filler as this episode turned out to be, it still had the Kure-nai trademark A+ character interaction and banter that we've been seeing throughout the series so far. In any case, an awesome 'interlude' in before what I expect to be the more serious parts of the series to kick in.

Finally, for kicks ;D (The actual full episode had at least twice more lulz though XD)


j1m0ne said...

I'm actually glad that the kure-nai cast's singing ability is better than the ones in Red Garden though. Shintani is a pretty decent singer - in any case she's much better than Sawashiro Miyuki. Sanada Asami (Tamaki) is probably the best of the lot though ;)

But yeah, episode 6 is one of the best 23 minutes of anime I've watched recently - Shinkuro's 'pine tree' comment gave me a giggling fit.

Nagato said...

I still need to watch this. Sorry for not making a better comment. orz

issa-sa said...

j1m0ne: Ooo, I missed the pine tree comment while watching this raw XD (another great excuse to rewatch the ep, lol). Incidentally one of my favourite Shintani songs is her duet with Sawashiro Miyuki in the Galaxy Angels character albums (not so much because of their singing prowess, but because of how in character they sounded)

nagato: LOL, if you can't make the time for Kure-nai (as much as you should :P), it'd be worth it just to watch this ep alone XD

Karaoke Score 95 said...

I demand they include that song in the character CDs.