Saturday, 17 May 2008

Toshokan Sensou 6: No Laughing Matter

Doujou Atsushi is officially my favourite guy character this season. Sorry, Kogarashi :P

If I really had to summarize this episode, it would be along the lines of:

Iku and Komaki have to bring a [very important sci-fi?] book back to the library. They get attacked by the Media Communists along the way, and have to play hide and seek with them villains for a while. Iku and Komaki talk a lot and say a lot of things I can hardly understand. Komaki is shot in the leg. Iku starts shouting angrily at the guy who fired the shot only I haven’t a clue as to what she actually said (well, she was really really angry). They run and hide again. While Iku bandages Komaki’s wound, he laughs his signature laugh. Iku asks “How can you laugh in such a situation?” to which he responds with a flashback of how 'old Doujou’ once acted as Iku did. Back then a kid snuck into the library grounds, and some heartless and idiotic guard Media Communist asshole AIMED HIS GUN AT THE KID AND SHOT. WTFH???!!! The kid wasn’t hurt since the shot actually hit the ground near him, but BOY was old Doujou MAD, so he went effing berserk at them effing guards.

Nice ass? XD

Guns are for chumps!

Fortunately Genda and the rest of the Task Force crew also had some sense and joined in the fray to beat the crap out of those !@%&@$^ers. TAKE THAT YOU FREAKIN MINDLESS BASTARDS *ahem* After hiding the book on a train, Iku and Komaki give themselves up to them Communists (!$@#@$^*$). Doujou and Tezuka come in to rescue them. Fortunately, the Communists give up their plan to retrieve the book for some reason I didn’t catch. Doujou ALMOST goes berserk again with the head Communist when he saw Komaki’s wound, but he manages to control himself this time (while still retaining his inner GAR) - Komaki tells Iku to take notes. On the way back, Doujou realizes that Tezuka probably had something to do with whatever reason it was the Communists gave up, but again I don’t know what and why since my Japanese listening skills still suck. Iku reaches home to find a ronery Shibasaki asleep after leaving her 99 a bunch of calls on her phone. “Changes” (which is such an awesome ED song =D) starts playing…

So yes, I will have to watch the subs when they come out. Not that I mind at all :P (I do apologize to anyone who expected an actual usable summary, my raw watching skills are painfully inadequate for Toshokan Sensou, which is why I’ve been avoiding doing any sort of summary for all the previous episodes.) As usual, Impz is picking up the slack on the summary end so I'll point you over to THAT direction.

However, I do want to ask: What the hell is wrong with society in this season’s shows? How could you bully an obaa-san on a train? How can you even CONSIDER pointing a gun at a child? How could you go off to study in another country and not communicate with your bloody boyfriend for a whole bloody year and still come back and expect the buttsecks?? That entire scene with the guard slowly raising his gun at the child’s back REALLY made my blood reach yet another boiling point this season, how could he even CONSIDER doing that to a child, even if he was ‘just’ meaning to scare him by shooting at the ground beside him, that was just plain WRONG. I’m not even in the mood to properly rationalize the situation, the way I see it, Doujou was perfectly justified in laying the smack on that bloody effing goon – why if I were him I’d take that gun of his and stuff it up wherever I can find on his body and- !%@$%^@#(&&(#@^(&#&(*#&%)!&*# GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Besides the indignancy I felt towards the Media !@&^#ers, I fully enjoyed watching old Doujou’s acting on impulse and doing what he knows is right on instinct even if it’s not the most ‘mature’ way of settling things. Of course Genda stole a lot of the show when he joined in the fray (XD), but I’m definitely partial towards the Prince Doujou right now, and the point of that story was how old Doujou was very much like the present Iku, and it brings back the point from a few episodes ago of how he sees himself in Iku, so much so that he’s rabu rabu constantly concerned about her actions. Now we see that old Doujou has developed into his current (*coughs*Princely) self, while Iku too has been showing progress in her character without sacrificing her righteous nature - by extrapolation, it should only make sense that Iku follows the path Doujou has paved (and that the two will FINALLY get together?), so again, another great episode with the promise of more to come!


Nagato said...

There's a lot worse, like Britannia killing innocent civilians.

I don't think any of us really felt any animosity to Doujou, though. xP

issa-sa said...

Wow, if I actually stopped to consider what happens in Code Geass 'seriously', I'll probably fly into one of these rage rants every episode XD