Tuesday, 4 March 2008

2007 Flashback: Seirei no Moribito

Here's something new on this blog: a 'serious' review post restricted to just one screenshot and one paragraph. *Gasps* Does this mean that Seirei no Moribito (or if you prefer the cheesier but accurate translation Guardian of the Sacred Spirit) is not worth me writing a longer, more detailed post peppered with samples of its stunning visuals? Does it mean that its characters (such as the kick-ass yet wise and motherly heroine Balsa and the surprisingly mature and unspoilt prince Chagum turned out to be) lack the necessary strength of character and growth to deserve individual paragraphs of their own? What does my lack of verbosity speak of the show's linear but engaging storyline, the spectacularly choreographed fights, the superbly tuned soundtrack, the wonderfully fitted in fantasy elements and the overall impressive quality and atmosphere of the show? How will I be able to express all that and my opinion that this was probably the best overall show of its year just by virtue of being the kind of no-nonsense show that you can even recommend to non-anime watchers and as an argument that anime doesn't need fanservice or snazzy one-liners or unnecessarily flashy plot devices like giant robots or magical girls to work (though a Shaman on a donkey seems to work fine as well)? The answer to this last question: by writing a damned long paragraph full of rhetorics, that's how. And now if you excuse me, I think my job here is done. Good night.

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Iknight said...

I agree.

Your brevity fits Seirei's approach to action, too.