Saturday, 15 March 2008

Gintama 51: Baby It's You (spoilerpic)

かわいい !!(?)

Couldn't resist posting this pic XD Not only is the baby the most adorable thing to appear in Gintama so far, the note simply exemplifies what makes the show's humour - crude, in your face, unforgiving, hilarious (though probably not for everyone). A part of my brain tells me that watching the over the top cast (seriously, strawberry-milk drinking samurai voiced by my second favourite Tomokazu? Mayonnaise-obsessed and bazooka-wielding corrupt Shinsengumi? The so-called 'China -musume' who is probably one of the few Kugimiya Rie roles I can tolerate? The old-man(?) in an oversized penguin(?) suit? Where else are you gonna get these kind of characters?? And the way the recurring characters interact can range from ridiculously bizzare to sheer comic brilliance sometimes) hurling random insults at each other every episode should become old and repetitive, but it's the part of my brain that I shut down when I watch a show like this (The rest of it is needed to process the built in parodies and references -I'm probably one of the few people who don't mind pausing every few seconds to read the subbers' notes to get a joke as opposed to being left in the dark by those darned asterisks *coughsHayatenoGotokucoughs*- Episode 50's montage of parodies is one of the most gut-bustingly ROFLMAO episodes of anime ever).

It's also the closest thing to shounen I've been watching ever since I gave up on Bleach and D.Gray-Man (which should be counted as pretty close since Gintama is basically one long Shounen Jump commercial, which often makes use of its shounen 'sensibilities' as a means to resolve its more 'serious' subplots - whenever it's not poking fun at said shounen sensibilities) and has been successfully carrying itself on its brand of 'shounen humour' for a while now (like its shounen counterparts, the number of episodes seem to be increasing without any sign of stopping soon, though at a much slower rate of subbing since it's a pretty dialogue/reference heavy show). But enough of me trying to crank a half-intelligent post on a show that doesn't even try to be half-intelligent half the time (when it does though, the results can be surprisingly funny). Those of you who follow the show (whether through the slow but steady subs or somewhere far far ahead with the raws) already know all this, while those who don't should at least give it a go (and acknowledge the fact that it doesn't take clumsy moe girls to make a show funny :P). Now if you excuse me, all this shounen-ness needs a small dose of America's Next Top Model Kimikiss to clear.

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