Wednesday, 19 March 2008

March Madness Final 4: Kyoto GAINAX Kyoto Kyoto

The March Madness Final Four include 3 series by Kyoto Animation - and Gurren Lagann. Possibly to prevent it being KyoAniVS KyoAni in the end, Jason decides to mix things up by having all four go against each other at once (vote for the 2 you like best!). So will it be Haruhi-Gurren Lagann? Haruhi-Fumoffu? Or Haruhi-CLANNAD (*urgh* Please no...)? (I'd like to think I'm getting ahead of myself here, but seeing Haruhi get 700+ votes per round compared to Fumoffu's 557 which came in second... There's also the incredibly amusing gender-bender version of Haruhi sparking everyone's interest lately as well...)

Back to March Madness, I'm now pulling for Gurren Lagann to pierce that high ceiling that is Haruhi hence one vote to the Gurren-dan from me =P As for the second, not that I have anything against Haruhi (it seems that you either worship the franchise or treat it as overhyped trite), but I'd be deluding myself to assume that it's not advancing to the final showdown with or without my vote (I'm banking on the fact that everyone else is more democratically minded than yours truly). So it boiled down to Fumoffu or CLANNAD... Gee... this is a tough one... *rolls eyes*

Thus far we have Haruhi well in the lead with Gurren Lagann coming in second with a decent margin ahead of Fumoffu and that other one with the sad girls. There's until the 21st to vote before what should be an epic (if not predictable) showdown for that coveted banner on Derailed... The question is will it still stay as Derailed by DARRY after that? Hmm...

Now if you excuse me, I've got some gender-bended songs to listen to...

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