Thursday, 13 March 2008

Shigofumi 9: Lone Island Syndrome

It's the obligatory beach episode of Shigofumi! *blinks* Is this for real?

No no no... It's really the onsen ep... Wait that can't be right either...

Sharp objects? Now that's more like it!

It's become sort of a 'tradition' for me now to blog every 3rd episode of Shigofumi, so I made sure I was paying attention in this episode. I was expecting another episode of emo school kids and grisly shock twists... So I was rather ill-prepared for what was in store for me... A fun beach episode??? Wow. Nice one there. Shame on me really for not taking note of the fact that Shigofumi had the ability to pull a fun episode once in a while (The cat one. Lol) I suppose after the 'tension' of the previous two episodes which explored Fumika's past with her eccentric (to say the least) father and exposed the truth behind her and the girl in the hospital (split personalities) it was the perfect time for a 'break' of sorts, which leads to Fumika and co to go on vacation... (It just feels funny typing that) The situation really seemed rather absurd at first, especially with Fumika's 'new-found' human friends tagging along, it suddenly feels like a typical high school romance set-up. Am I watching the right show here?

Despite the many lulz in this episode (The web of crushes akin to School Rumble, Fumika professing her 'love'... to her other self), it was actually 'serious business' as usual for our not-so-undead-after-all postal worker (I've already accepted that no one in this show seems particularly perturbed to see uniformed girls walking about with staves that talk. They probably assume it's cosplay or something. And I assume whatever organization they work for isn't very concerned about discretion after all. Do they get salaries too like in Yami no Matsuei? Oh wait, Fumika had to rob some hooligans a couple of episodes back so I'm guessing not... Okay, back to the main point). Fumika arranged the trip so that she can deliver the latest Shigofumi to a deserted island - which happens to be a gravestone for Chiaki from her late husband to be had he not crashed the car and gotten her killed years back. It's all rather sweet and touching and somewhat farfetched, but by this point I've learnt that this isn't a series where you'd want to nitpick the believability of the stories and just enjoy it for what it's worth. And be it emo schoolkids, psycho papas or fun in the sun, Shigofumi has entertained and I have enjoyed. So if all goes well, next post will be in 3 episodes. Out.

Nothing wittier to add to this one.

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Shin said...

That staff cleaning scene was homoerotic to say the least.