Sunday, 23 March 2008

Back in the (Animal) Alley

So after a not so mysterious disappearance (had relatives to visit *gasps* so much for being a hikikomori... Then again for all you know I could've just popped back through that trapdoor I came from...) I'm back to leave a teeny if not inconsequential mark on the already bloated blogosphere. Huzzah...

Advertising for Gurren Lagann?

Though my anime viewing has taken a nosedive for the past few days, but I've been generally GIVING IT ALL I'VE GOT (well, not really, got distracted by the pile of manga lying about where I was. Read about 3 volumes of
Full Metal Panic Sigma and all I can say is... makes me want to finish watching FMP- if the backlog was significantly less currently) in keeping up with the general ho-hum in the blogosphere.

Well, I may say general but really I've just been to
Derailed to check out on the
March Madness Championship :P Jason has posted a whole lot regarding why GAINAX Gurren Lagann is perhaps more deserving the vote as opposed to Kyoto Animation Haruhi and for the most part I agree since both series have been a source of much enjoyment so it's tough to choose between them. Without being as wordy as Jason, I'll just state right off that my vote's for the Gurren-Dan just because I'd rather not see another Haruhi banner on a blog right now :P That and the rather undemocratic sentimentality of supporting the underdog (God Knows if Haruhi-ism will ever die -_-")

And on the continuing subject of popularity contests, there's them The Anime Blog Awards. Here's some discussion on how the people behind it probably do mean well despite the restrictions to just anime bloggers in the nominations (and possibly the later voting) making it all seem rather *gasps*
elitist... Well whatever the reasons and motivations, it's another bandwagon I don't see any harm in jumping on. I've just registered to nominate, though there's a chance it won't even happen since technically, Tondemo-Nothing's been around before Feb 1st, but my 'first' post only came about on that date itself... Well whatever the case, even if I don't pass the eligibility thing, it'll just be another thing of interest to observe *shrugs*

Well, enough of all that, got some episodes to catch up to right now. (The 'much anticipated' finale of
CLANNAD VS two new subbed episodes of Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei? Thank the anonymous people of Anonymous! Why can't voting in them popularity contests be this easy? =P)


Impz said...

Arr yes. We do know that it will be impossible to have a true partial case in which the "worthy" winners will definitely win it. Any awards/popularity contest has its own demerits. We try to tackle the lesser of two evils, that's all.

By the way, you can still nominate for sure. We just do not want blogs that are in like 2 days and voting. That's all. So please be assured, nominate, vote, advertise or whatever you want to do.

Cheers and thanks for it! The voting stage will come later and more information will be released then.

issa-sa said...

Who's to say who the "worthy" winners are anyways? Hence the popularity contest :P (Popularity may not always = worthiness, but this way it pleases the largest amount of people, no?)

(Btw, splitting it between blogger's choice and reader's choice does seem like a good idea and it'll be interesting to see how much these two groups differ in opinions later on.)

Thanks for dropping by with the news, I'll be tossing in nominations later.