Thursday, 13 March 2008

Sayonara Host Club, Zetsubou Shita!!

"Takashi... We LOST???"

Sad, but true. Chiyo-chan, Osaka and the Bonklers usurped Ouran's early lead and came out tops by 33 votes in the end T.T Am absolutely crushed... Don't feel like blogging about March Madness anymore... Wait, does that mean I'll have to start cranking more posts of actual substance now? Err... On to March Madness Sweet Sixteen Part 2 it is!

(In retrospect, if it had to be a show to take down Ouran, I'm half glad it was one that matched up to its comedic prowess as opposed to melonpan power or anything else for that matter. Will bear no grudges against Azumanga in the next round, but still pretty bummed that the host club was doing so well previously only to be taken out halfway through the tournament. Also congrats to Death Note for overthrowing the killer lolis halfway through, Fumoffu for ousting Lucky Star... and Clannad for being this season's shoo-in)

1) Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann VS Cowboy Bebop
Cowboy Bebop still remains on my list of anime that I should probably watch before I can be considered a proper anime fan... Pfft, who's to decide that anyways? (If I had a less sluggish internet connection currently, maybe I'll get round to watching some of these so-called shows) That being said, it may sound unfair to vote Gurren Lagann just because I've not watched the other show, but I liked Gurren Lagann, I liked that I was surprised by how much I still like Gurren Lagann, and hence Gurren Lagann it is.

2) Full Metal Panic The Second Raid (TSR) VS Black Lagoon
Another match where I've decided early on what to vote for. Again, it may seem unfair to TSR, but it's hard to beat the sheer intoxicating mindless excitement from watching the explosive over-the-top freakshow circus (to borrow one of the more memorable titles from The Second Barrage) that is Black Lagoon. Substance? Who needs it even if it's there =P

3) Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu VS Kanon (2006)
Let's just say the memory of picking up this one episode of this one show (that received next to zero hype before its premiere mind you) based on a summary that vaguely described it to be about the exploits of an 'ultra director' (said summary was changed soon after) only to be confronted by the now infamous riot that was the "Adventures of Asahina Mikuru" (and I'll also remember the "WTF did you just download here??" look my brother had on his face at that time) trumps both versions of Kanon for me. Haruhi may be the oversensationalized phenomenon of this past 2 odd years, but I'm one who's inclined to believe that it does deserve a big portion of the ongoing hype (the rest being fanboy driven mania, but that's fanboy/girl-ism for you) hence the vote.

4) School Rumble VS Minami-ke
Considering the broken readers of Derailed by Darry, I'd be surprised if School Rumble will even come close to running circles (~gurugu mawaru~) around Minami-ke. Both strong comedies a tier below Ouran/Azumanga class in my books hence a lack of preference here. The coin flip (i.e. my brother) says School Rumble though, so we're tossing one to the underdog this time.

With Mushishi and Ouran out of the running and Black Lagoon at risk of joining them, it does look like I'll just be [following the] voting out of observational interests only pretty soon. It's still 10 times more entertaining than the current season of American Idol at any rate, but that's just me =P Voting stops in 2 days so be sure to support your favourites if they're still there.

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