Saturday, 1 March 2008

Tondemo Nothing!'s One Month Anniversary (amongst other things...)

As the date shifts and February (which got that special extra day this year) gives way to March, today marks the first month of my GIVING IT ALL I'VE GOT on this blog... A small achievement really, but still one worth celebrating (If you notice, this blogger is prone to celebrating just about anything on this blog =P). So here's to the first official month of Tondemo Nothing! a venture I hope to continue for, well, many more months to come! On behalf of this blog, I'd like to thank anyone who's come through this blog to take a peek at the 20-odd articles up so far, and a special thanks goes to usagijen over at scrumptious who posted the first ever comment on Tondemo Nothing! *claps*

Oh, but that's not all there is to celebrate today...

Well if the pic doesn't just give it away... Not only am I celebrating this blog turning 1 month old today, but as of today this little blogger's turning one year older ^^ (Okay, maybe I'm not as 'little' as I like to be and I'm certainly much older than the cake suggests...) That's right, it's also a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to issa-sa today!!! *solitary applause from the self-absorbed panda that I am =P*

(The real Issa only celebrates his in November btw)

Since my last post had to do with anime character birthdays, it only made sense to check up which character(s) I shared a birthday with. The result...

March 1: Misaka Kaori (Kanon)

Not exactly my favourite Kanon girl (Oh, what a killjoy I am), but you can't exactly pick the day you were born, can you? So to Kaori-chan, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! おたんじょうび おめでとう!!!

(This is strangely looking very much like the recent birthday post by Kurogane... who happens to be my senpai by a year and a month btw, unless either of us is lying about our age =P)

Also born on March 1st : Street Fighter's Chun Li (LOL!) and apparently someone named Gouda Yuu from Full Metal Panic! (someone enlighten me on this one since I can't seem to remember anyone by this name in the series). On the seiyuu front, it's also おたんじょうび おめでとうございます to Nogawa Sakura and Kashiwakura Tsutomu. (Yay!!)

Nogawa Sakura is recognizable as Nemu from Da Capo, Hinaichigo from Rozen Maiden, and more recently as Seto no Hanayome's Luna and Frog girl A on Kimikiss :P Personally my favourite role from Nogawa-san is Ayumi from the wildly hilarious Magikano ^^

Kashiwakura Tsutomu is credited as as the sound director for the Ai Yori Aoshi series (which I should remind myself to watch one of these days). As to his seiyuu performances, most of his roles don't seem too familiar to me, but I will remember him for his Barabaraman-sensei on Akazukin Chacha.

To anyone else whose birthday is today, here's wishing you a Happy Birthday (too!), and to everyone else, enjoy this 1st of March for what it's worth =D

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