Tuesday, 11 March 2008

March Madness Sweet Sixteen (Part 1)

Mori-senpai wants your vote for Ouran!

Old news: Cowboy Bebop, FMP TSR, Kanon and Minami-ke advance to the Sweet Sixteen. Which starts today. Time to give Ouran ALL I'VE GOT! =P

The first four matches in the of March Madness Sweet Sixteen are:

1) Clannad VS Honey & Clover
20 episodes of Clannad VS 1 of HnC... And I still vote Honey & Clover. Seems a bit unfair to Clannad and all, but I've already expressed my sentiments on the series a while back, and though the story is now more focused in the latest episodes, it hasn't exactly won me over or got my vote - not that it even needs it at this stage of course.

2) Death Note VS Higurashi
I loved Death Note for all the reason I'm thinking I should have - epic suspense, killer plot twists, gripping mind games (all while they lasted anyways). I loved Higurashi for what I suppose were the wrong reasons - emo facial distortions, WTFBBQ torture scenes, the trainwreck first season and Jason's coverage of said trainwreckage :P Or maybe those were all the right reasons after all... Anyways my vote's for Death Note for being the series of the two I can recommend with a straight face.

3) Lucky Star VS Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu?
The first of 2 Kyoto Animation series matchups (for now anyways). I spent a moment balancing Tsukasa on one hand and Sagara on the other in my head, and though the laughs from Fumoffu were superior and it had the better Seki Tomokazu role, I just couldn't decide on this one... Now that I've typed all this, it tells me I should've gone with Fumoffu after all... Too bad I skipped this one over and allowed my brother to do this one =P Lucky Star it is.

4) Ouran High School Host Club VS Azumanga Daioh
Easiest vote for me yet? Not exactly, since I have visions of Osaka-san appearing by my bedside with a knife tomorrow morning... *shudders at thought* But I'm staying strong and giving Ouran my full support... We've already seen an Azumanga banner before after all.... =P

I'm at the edge of my seat anticipating the results for that 4th matchup between the comedy giants - they're both neck and neck currently with Ouran still in the lead (!!!) though just a moment ago they were at a 50/50 deadlock (!!!!!!!!!) There' until 11PM PST tomorrow to vote, and I'm still keeping my fingers crossed... GO GO OURAN!!!

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