Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Needed a more recent Osaka icon in anime besides Kotomi (Well, it wasn't stated where she was born). The All-Hanshin Kyojin will more than suffice.

(Otherwise, it'd be Kawachi from Yakitate! Japan and this post would be called "NANDATTE?!!!" instead.)

So it's confirmed, this little panda's going to Japan in a week. (Kawachi: "NANDATTE?!!!") No prize for guessing where, though you might get one for the "why" =P

Or not. Unless you want some virtual bamboo dangos. DS isn't the only one who can make one.

Of course, when it comes to anime icons of Osaka, you can't get away without mentioning Osaka herself (What's her real name again? Did we really need to know?). And when it comes to Osaka(-san), there's little that's less awesome than her banner on Sea Slugs!... Oh wait, it's not there anymore?

This post would be rather pointless if I don't come clean anyhows (don't really have the resources to churn out a Top XX characters with a Kansai-ben post right now). So I'll be in Japan for at least a year to study the language full force in the hopes of entering a Japanese university the year after. Probably not the most common course of education of your typical Malaysian as several parties have pointed out to me on several occasions (particularly the two older people who support my current hikikomori lifestyle), and there's a part of me somewhere telling me that this is too much of insane leap of faith I'm taking here. Obviously, I don't listen to that part of me very often.

Needless to say, I'll be GIVING IT ALL I'VE GOT once I'm there (I so need a new catchphrase next season) and hopefully avoid turning out like Satou in Welcome to the NHK *shudders* (Misaki come save me if I do). I foresee an uphill battle against kanji (since I am a shame to my Chinese heritage with the character recognition skills of a typical Chinese kindergartener), so I'll probably turn my nerd on rather than my otaku on when I'm there >.< (What's with all the pessimism here? Too much Zetsubou Sensei episodes subbed recently??)

That should be enough for today from me - am ridiculously drained after the ridiculously long process of dragging my outside world fearing world self all the way to the embassy to finally apply for that visa I've been needing (Here's a tip, photocopy all your documents just in case they don't want to hold your originals to avoid lining up for the same application twice! It's probably common knowledge to the more street-wise, just wished someone had told me beforehand -_-" And bless the officers who had to work overtime to process my documents in the end). Going to go brush up on those Japanese listening skills now - watching anime turned educational, gee golly whiz!

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