Sunday, 9 March 2008

Mnemosyne 2: The Mile High Club

I'd post more screenshots, but they're not exactly safe for work....

I'm keeping this post short since Part 2 of March Madness Round 2 on DbD has started. That and the only things I need to say are:
  • This episode was hilarious, in all sorts of unintentional ways. The expression on my face frequently went from o.O to XD (like in the above scene where Rin flits between horny and stabby while flying XD). There was some intentional humour too, like when KaguraMimi predicts the predicts the future popularity of meido in Japan, LOL
  • Floppy discs!!! Natsukashii...
  • So we learn a bit about the immortal's backgrounds this time. Basically it's like Claymore, only with 'time spores'. When affected by said spores, the females turn into immortal fighting machines while males stay as turn into sex-hungry predators.
  • Technically, a spoiler-pic, but seriously I doubt many are going to watch Mnemosyne trying to solve the mystery of the week. Yet another unintentionally hilarious WTF moment when Rin and Mimi crack the case out of nowhere (using knowledge inaccessible to the audience anyways). I'd make fun of the stamp assassin's over the top assassination plot, but that's just something you have to see for yourself =P
  • Mimi + her dog = Kagura + Sadaharu.
  • This is not the best show to watch with a curious younger sibling.
A lot of it may not make much sense yet, but Mnemosyne will undoubtedly have its following if it keeps on serving its strangely absorbing mix of kinky action and... (I'm trying to find something to replace 'boobies') *ahem* In a totally unrelated report, killer lolis beat Ginko in March Madness by a close 2%. ORZ

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